Dehradun :  All India Kayastha Maha Sabha  President Mr. Subodh Kant Sahai said that the presence of Kayastha community Pan India would help in expansion as well as empowerment and further strengthening of the class global.

Speaking at an event commemorating the 71st birth anniversary of R.K.Sinha, Ex Rajya Sabha, M.P., stated the All India Kayastha Maha Sabha took a giant step forward on September 22, 2021, Mr Sahay said that he was proud to have had the opportunity to witness the historic occasion which was a huge accomplishment for him.

The presence of Kayastha community Pan India and the efforts of Mr Uday Sahay made the event a success.

Many important decisions were taken after the Birth Anniversary celebrations and subsequent discussion held at IPS School in Dehradun.

During the event the gathering decided to set up an All India Kayastha Research Foundation (AIKRF) as proposed by Swapnil Barua. Sameer Gupte propose for setting up of All India Kayastha Chamber of Commerce while Kuldeep Mathur came forward to set up of All India Kayastha Education Foundation.

Mr, R.K.Sinha, a business tycoon mooted the idea
for setting up of All India Kayastha Bank and Dr. Arun Kumar, MLA, UP proposed to carry forward the long pending struggle for reservation to Kayastha .

Mr Sahay called upon the members of the class to work together to accomplish the tasks set for the upliftment of the community as a whole. He appeared to the class to make the foundations  deep and strong so that Kayastha roots can be traced all over the country, and the Kayastha community can be bound together across the country.

Mr. Sahai told the media persons that the Kayastha family is a giant tree with deep roots but thin branches, and that many people are working for the communitys upliftment in their own ways and under various banners, and that they have been successful to a considerable extent.

He further said that the contribution of Mr R.K. Sinha was valuable and he successfully tried to carve the identity of Kayastha community in the country and abroad.

Former Union Minister said that since the various branches are part of the large tree, everyone should come to a platform to make a garland  by threading the beads.

He express his gratitude towards Mr Uday Sahay  and Mr R.K.Sinha lending their helping hands and express hope that the optimism of both organisations will usher in a new era and write a new chapter.