Lucknow: Taking serious cognizence of a video that went viral revealing  connection of a senior IAS officer  Mohammad Iftikharuddin with the gang involved in mass religious conversion in the state, the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the state Home Department constituted an SIT to investigate into it.

The IAS officer, in question has been  accused of campaigning against Hinduism. 

After several videos went viral related to conversion allegedly at the official residence of the Divisional Commissioner, the 
Chief Minister institute for SIT prove into the matter. On his instructions, a three-member SIT has been constituted and the Home  Department directed the SIT to send the investigation report  within seven days . 
The SIT headed by DG CBCID GL Meena initiated the inquiry.

The viral videos created a flutter in the corridirs of power.

Meanwhile Uttar Pradesh Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya too had asked for an inquiry into it after which the police commissioner of Kanpur has also started investigation.

Mr Maurya said that it is a serious matter and the government will go to the bottom of it and maintained that action against the IAS officer will be initiatied in case anything related to the IAS officer found to be true in this connection.

Mohammad Iftikharuddin, posted in Lucknow as the chairman of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, stayed in Kanpur for a long time. Along with the Divisional Commissioner in Kanpur, he was also the Labor Commissioner. 
During the period, a lot of controvercies came to the fore about the alleged conversion at his official residence.  There has been an uproar in the state over the connection of the senior IAS officer with the conversion gang.  Many videos related to senior IAS officer Mohammad Iftikharuddin regarding alleged conversion went viral on internet media. 

In these videos, people of the conversion gang were seen telling the benefits of Islam in his presence and se vetal supporters were talking about conversion.  
In several videos viral on internet media, the officer was allegedly seen reading rhetoric about Muslim religion at his official residence.  
Half a dozen videos allegedly involving the IAS office that went viral belonged to the period he was the Divisional Commissioner of Kanpur.

In the viral video, Iftikharuddin was allegedly speaker and a listener both.  In the video in which he has become a listener, an expert from Muslim religion is speaking on conversion and he is sitting in the forefront and listening carefully to his plea.  Muslim expert is inciting conversion by talking about Hindu religion. 

 In another video, Iftikharuddin is seen sitting on a chair and reading tales.  He is saying," Declare to the people of the world that the sovereignty and authority of Allah is to be established in the whole world."  In another video, he is heard saying,"  tell the people of the whole world to carry forward the mission of Allah and the Messenger.  The Nizam of Allah has to enter the entire land".  In a video, he is giving information about Muslim religion through a book by former Vice President Hamid Ansari.

In a video, the Islamic speaker is telling many stories along with telling the people present there the benefits of converting to Islam.  He is telling that sisters and daughters are not burnt in Islam.  It further says that Allah has given us such a center in the form of Uttar Pradesh from where the whole country and the whole world can work.

In another viral video the Islamic speaker claims that recently ," a brother from Punjab converted to Islam, then I told him why did you accept Islam, to which he said that he accepted Islam due to the death of his sister. 
When she was burnt to death, the cloth got burnt, she became naked, everyone was watching, I felt very ashamed.  I left from there, then I thought that today people are watching my sister, I have a daughter too, tomorrow people will see her too, after death, she will also burn like this.  Then it came to my heart that there is no better religion than Islam.  I must confess.  Such people are converting to Islam, such things are becoming a means for people to accept Islam."

In Kanpur, BJPs Kanpur South vice-president Shailendra Tripathi had made an online complaint to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the basis of these videos. 
It is alleged that he has sufficient evidence in which senior IAS Mohammad Iftikharuddin is using objectionable language about Hinduism.