Nalanda: Nalanda, seat learning and a famous international tourist spot, was developing at an accelerated pace following increasing commercial activities with various internationally acclaimed projects attracting tourists was facing the problems of duplicate goods .

The sale of duplicate goods was going on under the very nose of the administration that too in the home district of the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
However, the local police be ame active following complain made by the officers of Relaxo, a footwear company and raided various shops located under Laheri police station area.

The security personnel found the shop owners were dealing in the duplicate footwear nit only of Rekaxo but of other company Aqualite too.
In Ramchandrapur under Laheri police station  the police recently arrested two shop owners for selling duplicate products and recovered products worth Rs 5 lakh. 
The shops were selling duplicate products of various brands including Aqualite footwear . Nearly 800 pairs of duplicate footwears were recovered.

The police had also busted  duplicate  footwears sale racket under the same police station. Two people were  nabbed and duplicate products of Relaxo company being sold in multiple shops, was seized. 

The Laheri police had also busted a gand dealing with duplicate jeans and T- shirts.
The police in Sohsarai too had exposed  such racket in its area.