By Ashutosh Shukla

UP CM proposes to open Sainik School in every division

Lucknow: To further boost the education system in Uttar Pradesh, the state is soon going to see the number of Sainik Schools getting doubled. Aiming at providing value-based education, this initiative will fulfill the dream of many students to get better education along with a disciplined life.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Central Government for the approval of the Central Government in this direction. He said, “By increasing the participation of private schools in opening Sainik Schools after the approval of the Centre, the number of Sainik Schools in UP will increase significantly. This will make the path of admission easier.”

In a big move, the Union Government has decided to affiliate 100 government schools, private schools, and NGOs with Sainik Schools Society, Ministry of Defence from 2022-23 academic year.  These schools will be different from exciting Sainik schools and will focus on providing cost-effective ways to the larger populations across the country. This initiative has been taken under the vision of the National Education Policy (NEP) 

Currently, the Sainik School Society is running three schools in UP while Captain Manoj Pandey Sainik School is under the state government. After the decision of the Centre, the number of Sainik Schools will increase in UP. This will ease up the admission process to and a large number of students can enroll themselves.

Around 33 Sainik Schools are run by the Ministry of Defence all over the country. 
UP has the highest number of Sainik Schools as compared to other states. Three Sainik Schools are being run by the Defence Ministry in UP - Amethi, Jhansi, and Mainpuri. While a Sainik Schools is proposed to be constructed in Baghpat.

The construction work of Sainik School in Gorakhpur has started, for which the government has also passed a budget of Rs 90 crore. The UP Sainik School, Lucknow, run by the state government, is the first military school in the country. After this, the Ministry of Defence got all other Sainik schools built across the country. These schools are affiliated with CBSE.

Sainik school to be set up in every division of UP

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has sent a proposal to the Centre to set up a Sainik School in every division. At Sainik Schools, students get a high-quality education at low fees. In such a situation, the proposal of opening Sainik schools in every division will give a big relief to those parents who are unable to send their children to good schools due to high fee structures. 

For those girls who are dreaming of joining the army, the UP government has passed a proposal in the budget to develop Captain Manoj Pandey Sainik School Sarojininagar and double its capacity. The state government is constructing a hostel with a capacity of 150 for girl cadets.