Nagpur: Pointing out present scenarios in the country, the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday said population policy should be considered once again as its imbalance is quite visible.

Mr Bhagwat, in his annual Vijayadashmi speech,  said population should be considered once again as it has become a problem for the country.

The policy should be framed for the next 50 years and it should be implemented equally, Bhagwat said.

The rapid growth of the country‚Äôs population may give rise to many problems in the near future. Therefore, this challenge must be duly considered. Referring to the resolution 
passed on this issue during the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal , he  said that the vast differences in growth rates 
of different religious groups, infiltration and conversion resulting in religious imbalance of the 
population ratio, especially in border areas may emerge as a threat to the unity, integrity and cultural identity of the country. The government data shows that total fertility rate and child ratio is uneven across the religions.  The share of the population of religions of Bharatiya origin which was 88 per cent has come down to 83.8 per cent while the Muslim population which was 9.8 percent has increased to 14.23 percent during the period 1951-2011.
Apart from this the rate of growth of the Muslim population has been very high than national average in the border districts of border states of the country like Assam, West Bengal 
and Bihar, clearly indicating the unabated infiltration from Bangladesh.

infiltrators are usurping the rights of citizens of these states and are becoming a heavy burden on the already scant resources apart from creating socio-cultural, political and economic tensions.
The religious imbalance of population in the North-Eastern states has assumed serious 
Quoting data and the resolution adopted by the 
ABKM, Mr Bhagwat said that in Arunachal Pradesh, the people of religions of Bharatiya origin were 99.21 per cent in 1951. It came down to 81.3 per cent in 2001 and to 67 per cent in 2011. In just one decade the Christian population of Arunachal Pradesh has grown by almost 13 percentage points. Similarly, in the population of Manipur, the share of religions of Bharatiya origin which was more than 80 per cent in 1951 has come down to 50 per cent in 2011. These examples and pointers of unnatural growth of the Christian population in many districts of the nation indicate an organized and targeted religious conversion activity by some vested interest groups.
He said that a National Population Policy framed keeping in mind the availability of resources 
in the country, future needs and the problem of demographic imbalance and apply the same 
uniformly to all will address the problem.

In this context the RSS top brass Mr Bhagwat said that NRC was required to identify illegal immigrants and suggested to be alert after changes in Afghanistan, the RSS chief said.

Terrorist are resorting to targeted violence in Jammu and Kashmir to instil fear,  he said.

When comparing and contrasting the present scenario with this ideal of independent India, one realises our journey from independence to self model of government is as yet far from complete as there are elements in the world for whom Indias progress and its rise to a respected position the detrimental to their vested interests, " Mr Bhagwat said .

He also expressed concern over Bitcoin and OTT platforms and asked the government to take efforts to regulate these things.

Partition of the country is a sad history and the truth of this history should be faced, to bring back the lost integrity and unity of the country, he added.
Efforts are underway to condemn Indias traditions, religion, present history, he said.

He cautioned the citizen of India that efforts are underway through misrepresentation and propaganda against the nations tradition, religion, people and history.
In his annual vijaydashmi address, the RSS chief said, A systematic efforts is underway to confuse the world and even the citizen of the country , through misrepresentation and propaganda against bharats people , the present scenario, Bharat history, bharatiya culture and the social culture groups that are working for the national rejuvenation of Bharat.

Fearful of their impending defeat and a total obliteration, these forces are concluding and coalescing to execute their operations overtly and covertly. We must see through the conniving of all those groups and cautiously protect ourselves and our society from these psychological snares," he added.