Patna: The Patnaites had a tough time this morning as the traffic was suspended on the main roads in view of the movement of the President and his convoy.

Several commuters were seen stranded and their movement was stopped at various points as the roads were barricaded owing to the Presidential movement who visited Takht Shri Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara  at around 10 AM in the morning.

Several prominent educational institutions including Mt. Carmal , Patna Womens College, St. Joseph Convent,  Patna University, Patna Civil Court, PMCH and several other installations are enroute and those visiting these places for their duty could not reach on time. Several students too were seen stranded at the barricadings and either were late or missed their classes. Those who were  on way to PMCH or other hospitals located enroute from Rajbhawan to Gurudwara, could not reach on time.

Similar was the scene on the route from Gurudwara in Patna city to Patna Junction as the President visited the famous Hanuman temple and Buddha Smriti Park after 10.AM. The passengers moving towards Patna junction to catch the train and those who were on way to attend their offices were under severe constraints due to suspension of the traffic in view of the Presidential movement.

The commuters had to wait for long around Income Tax round about, Patna junction, Dakbunglow crossing , Kargil Check as the main roads as well as the connecting roads in the entire route were blocked that too at the time when the office goers and all others usually rush towards their working places.

Commuters in huge number moving towards Ashok Rajpath were stranded near Ashoka Convention Hall at Gandhi maidan and waited for long for opening of the barricading. A security personnel , deployed at this point informed that the convoy of the President was delayed . The security personnel were seen replying patiently to the queries being made by the commuters who were in hurry. Some of the commuters even were heard complaining about the timing of the movement of the convey as it was the office hours.