By Ashutosh Shukla

CM Yogi orders stern action against hoarders, profiteers during festivals

Take serious cognizance of every complaint of adulteration in food items

Lucknow : Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday ordered stern action against unscrupulous elements involved in profiteering, hoarding, and artificial price-hikes to ensure the availability of food items to people at officially prescribed rates during the festival.

The government has taken this step with the objective of controlling edible oil prices and adulteration during the festive season.

Chairing a high-level meeting on Saturday, the CM directed the officials, “The prices of edible oils, vegetables, and pulses have seen a high jump all of sudden. The stock limit has also been fixed in this regard by the Government of India. Strict action should be taken against hoarders by conducting raids.”

The CM also ordered the Department of Food and Civil Supplies department to take serious cognizance of every complaint of adulteration in food items in view of festivals and take action against them. 

He said that it is the priority of the government to provide maximum relief to the people by maintaining prices of food items at an affordable level and directed for closely monitoring hoarding and profiteering tactics by unscrupulous business elements.

The hoarding of essential food items by a few unscrupulous traders to create artificial shortages leading to panic buying by misleading the public made it necessary for the Government to take immediate action.