Antananarivo:   Celebrations of 5th International Day of Diplomats turned into a global celebration with  Ministers, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors, UN Resident Coordinators, celebrities, journalists, diplomats, academics sharing their appreciation on social media for the critical role played by the diplomats of all countries to keep the world going and maintaining global peace.

The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) tweeted on this occasion -“On this #InternationalDiplomatsDay, we recognize the immense contributions of diplomats everywhere, and especially our own for their tireless work on behalf of the American people. #ForeignService”

Foreign Minister of Madagascar Patrick Rajoelina, Union Cabinet Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, MPs Shashi Tharoor and Achyuta Samanta, Former Foreign Secretary and National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon, Ambassador Navdeep Suri, Amb. Kishan Rana, Amb. Gurjit Singh, Amb. Mohan Kumar, Amb. Houda Nonoo of Bahrain, High Commissioner Shumona Iqbal of Bangladesh, UN Resident Coordinator Issa Sanogo, Ambassador David Ashley of UK, Special Representative Madame Hawa of African Union, Ambassador Sanjay Panda, Ambasaador Namrata Kumar, Ambassador Prasant Pise, and several Ambassadors and diplomats from Israel, Ireland, USA, journalists Shekhar Gupta, Yoshita Singh, Kadambini Sharma, celebrities Medha Koirala from Nepal, Raine Chawla actively took part in the celebrations of 5th International Day of Diplomats on 24th October 2021. 

MP Achyuta Samanta tweeted- “On the International Day of Diplomats, I want to express my gratitude to all diplomats around the world and their phenomenal role in making the world a better place and serve people globally. I also thank them for their stellar unconditional support to strengthen our fight against the global Covid 19 Pandemic. Congratulations Shri Abhay Kumar for leading this initiative.”

The idea of celebrating an International Day of Diplomats was conceived by Indian diplomat Abhay K. in October 2017 who proposed to commemorate the work of diplomats in maintaining global peace. He also organised and hosted the first International Day of Diplomats celebrations in Brasilia on October 24, 2017 and has been hosting and coordinating subsequent International Day of Diplomats celebrations since then annually on 24 Oct. 

The celebration aims to raise awareness about the vital work diplomats and their families do to keep the world going. 

Speaking on the occasion of the 5th International Day of Diplomats celebrations in Antananarivo, Madagascar, Abhay K. said - “The greatest achievement of the mankind in the past 10,000 years is coming out of the caves and founding the #UnitedNation, and that’s why I thought the day United Nations was founded is the perfect day for celebrating International Day of Diplomats.”

On this occasion a yoga session was organised for all the participating diplomats and their families to help them to keep their mind and body healthy to serve people globally. 

International Day of Diplomats’ official Twitter handle @IntDiplomatsDay tweet summed up the spirit of the day -

“International Diplomats Day wishes each and every #diplomat on our planet, no matter which country/organisation they represent, a very happy 5th #InternationalDiplomatsDay  today. #ServingPeopleGlobally"

 Mexico’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea tweeted, “Diplomats bridge the differences among the peoples of the world and privilege dialogue over coercion. More diplomats and less military forces!”

Qamar Abbas Khokhar, a Pakistani diplomat in Bangladesh, shared that he is celebrating diplomats day. He also appreciated the role of diplomats in “ensuring peace and minimising conflict”.

While wishing a good day to his Irish colleagues, Daniel Mulhall, Ireland’s Ambassador to the USA, shared on Twitter that he did not know about the International Day of Diplomats.

The International Day of Diplomats bring celebrated on October 24 since 2017, the same day, the United Nations celebrates the anniversary of the UN Charter’s enforcement after the end of World War II.

The first International Day of Diplomats was attended by the diplomats of Bangladesh, France, Ghana, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey in Brazil. It was also celebrated by diplomats outside Brazil.

The second International Day of Diplomats was celebrated in 2018. Diplomats from many countries participated in the celebrations in Brazil, including envoys from Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Netherlands, and Zimbabwe. The celebrations also took place in other countries.

In Madagascar, celebrations of the third International Diplomats Day were attended by diplomats from all across the world, including ambassadors from the African Union, European Union, the United States.

In some countries, Diplomats Day is celebrated according to their calendar. In other states, there is no day dedicated to diplomats. This is the reason that the fourth and fifth International Day of Diplomats is celebrated at the global level.