By Awadhesh Mishra

Kedarnath : The Prime Minister Narendra Modi today performed ‘Rudra Abhishek’ at Kedarnath temple , the place which now stands with more glory than before the devastations.

During the special prayer in the Sanctum Santctorum , the PM offered a blanket along with other sacred offerings to the Lord Shiva and sought his divine blessings .

After performing Rudrabhishek, he circumambulated around the main temple.

PM Modi said that years back, the devastation that took place in Kedarnath was unimaginable. People were worried if their shrine will be restored? And today it stands in even more glory than before

Elated with the redevelopment of the area, he said that "after 2013 devastation, people used to think if Kedarnath could be redeveloped. But a voice within me always told me that Kedarnath will be redeveloped again".

PM Modi credits Baba Kedar for reconstruction work carried out in Kedarpuri in sub-zero temperatures after devastating floods of 2013.

During the Rudrabhiskek, Prayers were offered and celebrations held at 12 Jyotirlingas and 4 dhams and many places of faith all over the country along with the event at Kedarnath Dham abd all events were linked to the main event at Kedarnath Dham.  

PM Modi Inaugurates Re-development Projects Worth Rs 130 Crore at Kedarnath

The PM, after Rudrabhiskek also inaugurated he re-development projects worth Rs 130 crore at Kedarnath in Uttarakhand which include Saraswati Retaining Wall Aasthapath and Ghat, Mandakini Retaining Wall Aasthapath, Tirth Purohit Houses and Garud Chatti bridge on river Mandakini.