Fascist ideology bows to Satyagraha

New Delhi: The countrys "Annadatas" have forced arrogance to bow down through "Satyagraha," according to former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Subodh Kant, who described the Centres decision to repeal three contentious farm laws as a "victory against injustice" and a "victory against fascist ideology."

 This is a victory of Gandhian ideas and Congress ideology, demonstrating that draconian laws can be combated using Gandhian ideas and Congress ideology that is widely accepted across the country.

Mr. Subodh Kant claimed that every decision taken by Modi is political in nature and has nothing to do with issues, as evidenced by the farmers bill being revoked just before the UP elections. This was a draconian law, and I admire the farmer community for fighting tooth and nail for the sake of the nation, despite being treated as terrorists.

" Mr Modi  had used all measures at his disposal, right or wrong, to squash the farmers movement, even comparing them to terrorists. He even referred to them as Andolanveeji in Parliament, but the impending elections, in which his party is expected to lose, have prompted him to revoke the legislation and apologise to the farmers.

Mr. Sahai said his repentance will be real only when he asks for forgiveness for his statements in the Parliament.This shows that Mr Modi has accepted that instead of fanatic ideology, this country needs a soft ideology, that is, people of all caste religions are treated as equals. 

The country should be administered according to the rule of law and the Constitution, not the way Narendra Modi wants it to be run, he added.