Modi Governments withdrawal of the three farm laws, a Hard earned victory of farmers Satyagraha: Subodh Kant 

New Delhi :Former Union Minister and senior Congress  leader Subodh Kant Sahai today said," repeal of the three anti-farmer,  and pro-corporate farm laws is no doubt a historic win of the righteous struggle, and it has been hailed all over India and abroad.” 

Mr Sahai said that the governments written statement in the Parliament that they do not have any data on the death of farmers exposes the true colour of Modis tyrannical  government. It is only in Totalitarian regimes that even the count of death is considered a blasphemous act. 

Around 700 farmers died and Modi government is in complete denial of such a gruesome tragedy, claimed Mr Sahay alleging that  the present government is increasingly becoming insular to the travails of the common man. 

The Congress leader said that the statements of the Prime Minister that something was lacking in his tapasya, was an empty lament otherwise he would not exhibit the gross arrogance of treating the martyred farmers as unaccounted erasures from memory. 

The government could at least have said it would look into the unfortunate losses of farmers life and would come up with the approximate numbers shortly. But nay! that would dent the PMs pride??

"I agree that this reversal is linked with the upcoming elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh; that was certainly  the primary consideration," the former Union Minister continued. The Prime Ministers decision to overturn the agriculture bill, on the other hand, is unlikely to benefit the BJP.

Mr Sahay said that the important thing to remember is that farm law issues are only a small element of the greater contemporary agrarian dilemma. There are plenty of additional issues that farmers are concerned about."

He said, " While I was touring Uttar Pradesh recently, I saw farmers anger with the BJP because they are being denied MSP (minimum support price) for their paddy (they are getting a paltry Rs 1,100 a quintal as against the declared MSP of Rs 1940), and they have not received thousands of crore of rupees of their sugarcane arrears. And they are raging against the astronomical price rise of diesel, petrol, cooking gas and other essentials. 

Similarly, across the country, paddy procurement is in crisis and there is a major shortage of fertilizer, leading to a sharp rise in their prices and black marketing, all of which have put the farmers into great distress. The repeal of the farm laws is not going to change any of this. 

Mr. Sahai went on to add that the women in the state were terribly oppressed. In view of the Hathras incident, he predicted that no matter how hard Modi and Yogi try, they will be defeated this time. There will be a silent revolution in Uttar Pradesh this time. 

The Congress leader said that as Priyanka Gandhi was working hard to win, and her struggle for the marginalised and oppressed will bring success for the party.

He further said that now everyone has understood the modus operandi of Narendra Modi that as soon as elections approach, their leaders start inciting religious sentiments despite holding a responsible position in the government.