Mr Modi’s speech shows he has no understanding of the true spirit of India: Subodh Kant

New Delhi: Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Subodh Kant Sahai said that civilisation promoting animosity and dividing people based on religion and social status  do not last long. Kashis immortal longevity is the result of harmony and affection among its people under the benevolent tutelage of Baba Vishwanath. 

He claimed that Kashis fate had been linked to a conflict between Hindus and Muslims is a crude attempt to reduce the divine status of this immortal city to a temporal entity afflicted with travails of history. It also reflects a pedestrian understanding of the spiritual glory of Kashi.

The Congress leader said that to talk of a holy place- where life and death transcend their earthly meanings and mingle into the cosmic light of Neelkanth Mahadev- in such mundane transitory terms of history only belittles the momentous significance of the occasion. It also shows the stymied outlook of the speaker about Indian culture and ethos.

Mr. Sahai alleged that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to understand the grand lesson of time that Kashis fate had not been contingent upon Aurangzebs sword. He said that the such occasions of the affirmation of the true spirit of India are trammelled into vote-bank gimmicks.