The book will prove to be a milestone in the direction of conservation of sparrow: Padma Shri  Ushakiran Khan  

We have to find a way to protect the sparrow, the state bird of Bihar - Usha Kiran Khan

Patna:  Padmashree and eminent litterateur Ushakiran Khan said that sparrow, the state bird of Bihar was on the verge of extinct 
due to use of insecticides in the fields, fast construction of concrete buildings and lack of water.

Releasing the newly-published book “Abhi Main Zinda Hoon.. Gauraiya”,  penned by the assistant director of Press Information Bureau, Patna, Sanjay Kumar, who has been active in sparrow conservation for years, Ms Khan said that the book of Sanjay Kumar will prove to be a milestone in the direction of conservation of sparrow.

On the occasion,  she said that it is necessary to protect every living being and suggested to find 
ways to conserve sparrows. Mr Kumars book on this subject and will certainly be seen taking an effective initiative towards conservation she said adding that children and youth will have to be connected with the protection of the childhood companion sparrow.

Introducing the book Abhi Main Zinda Hoon... Gauraiya, its author Mr Kumar said that every minute detail related to the sparrow has been included in it along with the photographs. He said that the ways and means of conservation sparrows have been discussed in detail in the book.

On-line guest speaker Dr. Gopal Sharma, Senior Scientist, Z.S.I. central government, said that Abhi Main Zinda Hoon Gauraiya , the book brings back the memory of the childhood companion Sparrow. He said that once it used to be an integral part of every home in the society but now it is disappearing. Conserned with the scenario of Sparrow, he said that the book will play an important role in the current situation.

Addressing the event, P.I.B. Patna Director Dinesh Kumar said that the book Abhi Main Zinda Hoon Gauraiya is a work done for sparrow conservation as well as for the benefit of the society. Describing the subject dealt in the book  close to his hear t, Mr Kumar said that everyones childhood has passed with the sparrow.

While conducting the programme author-journalist Dr. Dhruv Kumar said that the book written on the conservation of the chirping sparrow in the courtyard of the house was worth reading for everyone as it speaks about its conservation. 

Journalist Dr. Leena expressed hoped that the campaign of sparrow conservation will reach far and wide through the book.

On the occasion, Nisht Ranjan, President of Environment Warrior presented a nest to Usha Kiran Khan.