Regulatory body required urgently to monitor labs

Unnecessary investigations causing major  disadvantages     

New Delhi: Stressing the need for an urgent  regulatory body empowered to monitor labs regarding grading and vis-a-vis undertaking sanctioned examinations, Executive Member of the Federation of Hospital Administrator Dr Naresh Purohit said that healthcare has become an exceedingly attractive business venture and laboratories for various investigations are simply mushrooming.

Unnecessary directionless investigations were  major disadvantages, said Dr Purohit referring to his recent scientific report titled ‘Worry Over Diagnosis" published in the International Journal of Healthcare Management .

Principal author of the report, Dr Purohit averred that specialists, employed at numerous private infirmaries are ‘coaxed’ to raise  revenues and prescribing unnecessary plus exorbitant investigations is probably the easiest way to achieve this.

However, the mushroom growth of the labs may best be described as haphazard and their utilisation without any definite direction and control, quipped Dr Purohit .

Citing his recent report, the renowned Healthcare Expert and Epidemiologist Dr Purohit revealed that advising investigation unaccompanied by clinical examination is akin to proceeding on a tour without possessing any information regarding either the route to be taken or the destination to be reached.

"It is forgotten that labs are supposed to be primarily concerned with saving human lives and errors will only bring universal misery" he said
Principal Investigator for Association of Studies for Healthcare - Dr Purohit pointed in his report that  many present-day medics do not examine the patient at all! A large number of sufferers actually complain that physicians never even bother to get up from their cozy executive chairs and all the former receive in return for fat consultation fees are slips prescribing tests.

Anybody with a bag full of dough must not be permitted to set up such a facility. Labs ought to be periodically inspected. It may be appropriate to fix rates so that clientele are not taken for a ride. He added that auditing of case files in hospitals and nursing homes is another requisite of modern-day care. This will certainly result in a decline in the number of investigations.