Those consuming liquor should not be treated like criminals

New Delhi: NCP Vice President of Bihar unit Navin Kumar Singh demanded from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for reforming the liquor ban law with humane face adding that strict law alone could not check liquor addictions.

Coming down heavily on the Chief Minister,  the NCP leader said that despite having good intention, the Nitish government would not succeed in its mission of checking liquor consumption if it failed to make the 
changes in prohibition law with humane face.

Mr Singh said that those consuming liquor
should not be treated like criminals, as on one hand it sent a wrong signal in the society while on the other it provided opportunities to some policemen to make money, defeating the
purpose for framing the liquor ban law.

Mr Singh said that lakhs of the people consuming liquor in India and other countries were not criminals and can not be treated like this.

Stressing the need for changes in the existing liquor ban law of Bihar, the NCP leader suggested that those caught consuming liquor
for the first and second time, should be released after counselling and treatment in
de-addiction centres. Such persons should be sent to jail only after their third offences , he suggested. 

Such changes will also help in reducing load of large number of prisoners in jail, Mr Singh said adding that it was high time for the government to think seriously for bringing changes in liquor ban law.

Ongoing social reforms campaign by Chief Minister Mr Kumar against liquor consumption would be fruitful only if liquor ban law reforms were also effected, he remarked.