New  Delhi: Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Subodh Kant Sahai alleged that "whenever elections are round the corner, Mr. Modis discourse assumes a shrill  divisive tone" and added that concerned with retaining his Chair that Mr Modi does not even hesitate to cross boundaries of ethics and even national interest.

Mr. Sahai alleged that the Sun will set on 2021 against a backdrop of hate, bigotry, and  communal feelings spreading quickly and widely. 
Referring to the three-day "Dharam Sansad" held in Haridwar, Uttarakhand last week, he alleged that the participants publicly called for the genocide of Muslims. At the call of a Member of Parliament who cried hoarse making re-conversion to Hinduism a priority, the anti-Christian mob found its way into schools and into the streets, desecrating statues of Christ and burning effigies of Santa Claus, he quipped.

The Congress leader further said that when the crowd can disturb Friday prayers week after week, when lynching in the name of sacrilege is greeted with political silence, and when Aurangzeb and not Akbar finds loud mention in syllabus and is referenced in political speeches, the events of last week cannot be dismissed as isolated or fringe voices. 

Mr Sahai suggested the PM to make efforts to bridge different ideologies rather than dividing them for petty political gains otherwise the repeated invocation would distort the democracy. 

Referring to various events of 2021 he said that the year witnessed the hapless citizens searching for oxygen and hospital beds and the the limits of the health system and associated socioeconomic inequalities were laid bare.

 The farm protests and the eventual repeal of laws made visible deep fractures in the economic policymaking, the repeated incidents of violence including that of Lakhimpur Kheri of Uttar Pradesh, protest against eviction drive in Assam, exposed the real face of the NDA government, he maintained.

Mr Sahai alleged that  feelings of  hatred  and communal prejudice were dangerous as  it attacks the foundation of the democracy.  PM Modis radical Hindutva path,  was turning the country into a totalitarian state, he alleged and blamed Mr Modi for  imposing his fascist ideas with force.

Mr. Sahai went on to say that tolerance runs in Indias veins and urged the PM to conduct a thorough study of Indias soul. The people have already resolved to vote him and his ministers out of power, but if he does not change his mind, his partys entire existence will be jeopardized, claimed Mr Sahai.