Use copper in day to day life, suggests Dr . Jeta, a Naturopath

Bhagalpur ( Bihar):  Copper is not just a metal , a stable metal in periodic table that was used in household prior to invention of steel, but is a metal with property which can destroy even covid-19 virus along with the new variant Omicron, increasing rapidly in India, within few seconds it attacks the surface.

It is scientifically proved that copper can destroy single nucleus pathogen including Omicron, coronavirus  229 E  and other pathogens because of its antimicrobial properties within minutes of attack. 

Quoting researches of Bill Keevil, a microbiology researcher at the University of Southampton (U.K.) who had extensive study on antimicrobial effects of copper for more than two decades, the Director of the Centre for Naturopathy , Tapovardhan Bhagalpur, Dr Jeta Singh, who is effectively using copper since long for treatment of various imbalances in the human body including viral attack,  said that when coronavirus including its variants like Omicron , superbugs and bacterias like E coli land on copper surface they begin to get destroyed within seconds and are undetectable within minutes. The copper degrades them and blow apart the viruses. He said that Bill Keevil demonstrated the phenomenon in 2015. 

Highlighting the benefits of Copper in treatment of diseases caused by the single nucleus pathogen, the renowned Naturopath, Dr Jeta suggested the people to use copper in day to day life. He advised the people to keep the drinking water in contact with copper for at least eight hours either by putting it in copper container or putting some piece of copper in the container.

Briefing about the benefits of Copper, the Naturopath further suggested to wear jewellery made up of copper which forms copper salicylate in contact with sweat which has immense potential of destroying single nucleus pathogen including corona virus along with its Omicron variant. Through transdermal delivery system, salicylate of copper is absorbed by the dermis which destroys the single nucleus pathogen in case the body comes in contact with, he added.

Sharing the remedial measures in case of infection, he advised to rub salicylate of copper on the body.

Dr Singh further advised to consume more than 5 gm of non-acidic Vitamin C in case of catching corona virus or any other viral infection and increase the dose till the water like loose motion starts.

Referring to a related research of a noted scientist Linus Polling, he said that the dose of Vitamin C should be reduced slightly soon after beginning of the loose motion.

Speaking about his experiences he gathered while treating more than 500 patients especially during covid-19 pandemic, he said that the effect of coronavirus vanishes under this process.

Dr Singh said that Vitamin C and copper, if consumed at different intervals under proper monitoring of a Naturopath or an expert, it will have immense positive impact in the treatment of covid-19 along with its variants of single nucleus.

Dr Singh said that when coronavirus lies on surfaces other than copper it can survive for over 72 hours.The copper ion damages cell membrane and destroys the DNA or RNA of the microbes.

According to a study published in health environment Research and design journal in 2015 copper can kill many types of germs on contact.

According to a recent research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that copper can be effective against the virus responsible for coronavirus pandemic.

Researchers have found that Copper is a stable metal and can replace some of other metals present in some of the proteins of bacteria and by doing so it blocks the function of the protein. 
Once the protein function is blocked it starts  bacteria killing chain reaction by blocking the function.

According to a recent research published in the New England Journal of Medicine
Copper can be effective against the virus responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Singh said that it is scientifically proved that copper can destroy coronavirus and other pathogens within minutes of attack and added that it is essential mineral to keep brain, heart, liver ,digestion, muscles, arteries ,veins, nervous system, colour of hair and skin ,connective tissues and joints healthy and protects them from any infection.

Suggesting to maximize its use in day to day life he said that following the research of Bill Keevil  some of the hospitals used it at strategic locations including the rods of the beds of the patients and were surprised to see that their infections were minimised by 90%.

Detailing the electronic configuration of copper he said that its extra electron acts like a missile on the virus coming in its contact and kill them within few minutes whereas on other metals the virus can remain active for 72 hours.

Coronaviruses seem to die faster when they come into contact with alloys that are high in copper. Scientists say copper might quickly kill viruses on surfaces by triggering oxidative stress, he added.
Dr Singh said that in view of its health benefits it is being used in several ways in treatment of various diseases at Tapovardhan, a Naturopathy centre in Bhagalpur of Bihar. 

He said that taking advantage of its healing capacity it is used in healing the wounds. Its miraculous properties cures the Arthritis and joint pain faster.

Outlining the benefits of using copper in day to day life he said that it Increases the growth of red blood cells , promotes healthy nerve cells , supports the immunity system and helps in the reduction of stomach inflammation, thereby preventing ulcers, indigestion and other infections.

Dr Singh further informed that Copper infused water helps in promoting smooth digestive function, it breaks down fats to conveniently eliminate it from the body,  promotes a healthy heart, protect against diseases and infections, harmful microorganisms and other bacteria cannot survive in copper and therefore prevents the transmission of germs from food.

By the virtue of its miraculous properties it was the most used metal by our forefathers he said and added that at Tapovardhan he was using this mineral  to enhance the  immunity of  human body to fight against any infection.

He further said that salicylate of copper after its absorption by the skin is transmitted to the blood and make the the muscles and joints flexible giving a tensile strength to them. 

He said that its deficiency in body leads to aging and by balancing its deficiency the aging can be minimised and immunity can be increased. For this is suggested to use some kind of copper jewellery.

Elaborating its use at his Naturopathy centre he said that , it was being used in treatment of various diseases and the results were astonishing.

Sharing some of his experiments conducted at Tapovardhan he said that after making a piece of copper red hot by heating it in fire, cool it down and put it in  in a glass jar filled with citric acid which would turn blue next day.

He suggested to rub the liquid on the body till it is absorbed saying that this would balance the copper mineral in the body.

When the world is facing the pangs of COVID 19 and its new variants including Omicron , Dr Singh suggested to use copper utensils , drink water kept in copper vessel and use some copper on the body.

Apart from this he suggested to incorporate fruits, vegetables ,oils and spices which are mostly yellow in colour in the diet as they have plenty of copper in them which would increase the immunity  to fight this covid-19 also.

Meanwhile chief academic officer at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences Edward Bilsky  had referred that copper can kill germs  by disrupting cell membrane of bacteria. Copper ions destroy the DNA or RNA of the microbe.

Projecting another theory, he opined that virus are not cells rather infect healthy cells that allows them to replicate this virus can come in direct contact with the upper respiratory tract and eyes and enter healthy self and in such situation copper would be largely ineffective.

Meanwhile according to Copper Development Association (CDA) Copper surfaces are a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices including COVID-19 pandemic.