230 tonnes of carbon footprint reduced in Tundla, revenue of Rs 850447 saved

By Harish Kumar Gaur

Tundla: Heading towards the Solar Mission, the North Central Railway (NCR)  has saved Rs 3.82 crore revenue in the first three quarters on the current fiscal 2021-22 by generating 94 lakh units of energy through solar power system.

Solar Plants of 350 kW has been set up in Tundla railway premises.

Under Solar Mission 2021-22, solar plants located in railway installations have registered an improvement in performance as compared to the previous year. Entire NCR generated 81 lakh units of energy using solar power during April-December 2020-21. This year 94 lakh units of energy have been generated by using solar energy during  the same period, which is 16% more than last year. The noble steps initiated by the NCR has not only helped in environmental protection, but has also added to the coffer by saving Rs 3.82 crore as revenue. 

Enthused with the outcomes, Chief Public Relations Officer, NCR, Prayagraj Dr. Shivam Sharma said that the total capacity of NCR is 11.03 MW. While 120 KW has been installed by the Railways and the remaining 10882.34 KW capacity is installed on PPP mode by two leading solar power developers - Azure and Renew. 

The NCR by adopting solar energy, helpful in environmental protection has recorded a reduction in carbon footprint of around 8000 tonnes. Under Solar Mission, 274338 kWh power will be generated from solar panels of 350 kW by the solar plants installed in Tundla. (26% more than 218133 kWh generated in April-December 2020) Solar energy generated. Due to which there has been a reduction in carbon footprint of 230 tonnes and a revenue saving of Rs 850447 from Tundla.