GM takes up track patrolling at night with trackmen

By Harish Kumar Gaur

Tundla: Pramod Kumar, General Manager, North Central Railway ( NCR) said that Trackmen are the guards of railway safety. When we are sleeping on the chain inside the trains running at the speed of 130 km/h. Then in the chilling cold winter, these guards ensure the safety of the passengers by walking day and night in the middle of the rail track.

General Manager takes up night patrolling with trackmen

Night patrolling plays an important role in ensuring railway safety in winters. In view of this, section wise trackmen are appointed by the railway administration for night patrolling on the entire railway route. In the same sequence, with the aim of taking stock of this difficult foot inspection duty to be done by the trackmen in winter and to encourage the trackmen, GM Pramod Kumar conducted Subedarganj-Bamrauli. 

GM interacted with the trackmen during patrolling

The General Manager, while patrolling the tracks, communicated with the Trackmen and took stock of the difficulties being faced by them and assured them of all possible solutions. He said that the patrolmen are the watchmen of railway safety and these vigilant soldiers keep the nation moving by ensuring smooth and safe rail operations. 

There is a possibility of fracture in the railway track in winter - SK Mishra

Principal Chief Engineer Shri S K Mishra said that due to temperature dip in winter, there is a possibility of fracture in the track and vigilant night patrolling prevents any untoward situation.