By Harish Kr. Gaur

Artwork carved at Tundla station on National Girl Child Day

Tundla: Girls are the future of the country and with their hard work, they have achieved remarkable position in all walks of life. 

Stressing for educating the girls, the Divisional Traffic Manager Tundla J Sanjay Kumar said that by educating girls the Nation would emerge as a powerful country.

Initiative of DTM Tundla with the aim of making people aware

DTM Tundla J Sanjay Kumar has taken a new initiative to spread this message to thousands of people traveling by the Indian Railways every day and make them aware. In order to realise this objective, on the occasion of National Girl Child Day, artefacts were carved on the walls at Tundla station to educate girls and give them opportunities to write a new story of lofty heights.

Painting will leave a deep impression on every persons mind

Since Tundla Railway Station is the main railway station of Prayagraj Division through which about 350 Mail, Express and Superfast trains pass daily. Thousands of commuters move daily. Every traveler passing by has a positive impact on their mind. For this purpose these artifacts are being carved on the walls.

CDS General Vipin Rawat will become the identity of Tundla station, will pay tribute through painting

DTM Tundla has made a meaningful effort to add to the beauty of Tundla station. Apart from this, the engine of Indian Railways have also been beautified through paintings. To pay  tribute to  CDS General Bipin Rawat, his picture will also be engraved on the walls of the station premises. So that CDS General Bipin Rawat and his contribution to the security of the country can always be remembered.