Dy CM Renu Devi Acts as a shield for Bihar government in State Assembly

Patna: In a bid to shield the state government in the state assembly, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi informed that Ethanol was being produced in four different mills of the state.

Renu Devi promptly intervened into the reply to short notice question of RJD remember Lalit Yadav being made by the Energy Minister Vijendra Yadav in the state assembly and said that ethanol was being produced in the Sugar mills of Narkatiyaganj, Ramnagar, Sugauli and Gopalganj.

Referring to the written reply of the Minister Vijendra Yadav, the RJD member Lalit Yadav said that the minister has informed that4 ethanol producing factories were functional and 17 others were in process

Through his supplementary, Mr Lalit Yadav asked government to elaborate in detail about   the quantity of ethanol being production from 4 ethanol units and their locations. He also asked the government to give the details of the other 17 ethanol factories being setup in the state.

Earlier Lalit Yadav, referring to the good governance index of the centre said that Bihar has been placed at the lowest rank to which the Minister Vijendra Yadav said that Bihar was still a backward state and it should be accorded the special state category.

He said whatever progress was visible in the state it was made after 2005. Referring to the socio-economic ,demographic and Geographic terrain of Bihar, the Minister said that special status what is essential for progress of Bihar.