Help Desk at TMH Mumbai to provide financial help to Cancer patients

IGIMS Patna to be upgraded into 3000 bed hospital in next three years

Patna: To facilitate proper treatment to  the patients suffering from serious ailments like cancer, Bihar government was providing financial assistance to those in the bracket of below  2.5 lakh annual income.

Replying to a starred question of Congress member Ajit Sharma in the state assembly, Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey said that the fund is approved in the meeting held every Wednesday and the same is  directly released to the hospitals concerned treating the patient.

Referring to the serious diseases like cancer, he said that in view of the hardships of the patients in getting the financial aid for treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, a special help desk of Bihar has been set up there along with and officer of Under Secretary rank from where the fund is immediately released for the treatment of the patients concerned.

To a short noticed question of Ramanuj Prasad, Mr Pandey elaborated in detail about the facilities available at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences ( IGIMS) saying that the institute at present has 1130 beds and would be upgraded into 3000 bed Hospital within the next three years. He said that the construction of building with 500 bed capacity in the institute was at the final stage whereas another building with the capacity of 1200 beds was under construction . 

He said that a Regional Institute of Opthalmology with a capacity of 200 beds was also being constructed at an expenditure of Rs 186 crore in the institute and the Cancer Institute has already been constructed there.

Through his supplementary, Mr Prasad  tried to draw the attention of the house towards the hardships being faced by the patients in dearth of bed at IGIMS. 

Mr Pandey, replying to an another starred question of Anita Devi said that 24047 vial of factor 9 injections have been supplied to the districts and 7239 vile was available.

 Anita Devi had said that the injection of haemophilia was not available in the districts and the poor patients cannot afford to buy it from outside as one injection costs Rs 15 to 16 thousand . She requested the Minister to ensure its  availability at district level.