Nalanda: Withdrawal of train services from Nalanda railway station was causing severe problems to the commuters, both domestic and international.

Nalanda, prominently included in the list of world heritage site of UNESCO,  was longing for resumption of train services from Nalanda Railway station which were withdrawn during Covid-19 pandemic.

Nalanda railway station is approximately three Km away from the Nalanda Ruins, the world famous international tourist spot was abandoned in want of plying of trains.

The railway station spotted by the Bollywood Director Vijay Aanand who selected it for shooting of a famous melody "Vada To Nibhaya" in his movie "Johny Mera Naam" in which the Bollywood Dream Girl Hema Malini was seen alighting from the train was now languishing following the lackadaisical approach of the railway authorities.

Even after vociferous demand being made by the local people for resumption of trains from Nalanda railway station, the railway Ministery was maintaining a mysterious silence.

One of the prominent train Rajgir intercity which had a stoppage at Nalanda railway station now do not stop here following which the National, International and local daily commuters were facing severe problems.

The only train that presently stops at Nalanda railway station is Shramjivi Express but ironically the tickets for the too and fro in between Nalanda and Patna Patna were not being issued by the railway.

 Even after withdrawal of upgradation of Rajgir intercity into special category train during the lockdown period , its stoppage has not been resumed at Nalanda railway station. Besides Rajgir intercity , stoppage of Buddh Purnima daily express at this station has also not been resumed and Astha Circuit plying from Kochuveli to Jaynagar too passes through this station but its stoppage was much needed here, as per the demands of the local people.

The spiritual leaders and religious tourists mostly belonging to Jain and Bauddha along with local commuters visiting Nalanda and other local tourist spots had no option but to travel long distance to catch the train either in Rajgir or Biharsharif.

 Meanwhile Chief Public Relation Officer (CPR O) of East Central Railway Birendra Kumar said that " we are returning towards normalcy and some of the stoppages have been resumed. He said things will start gradually moving towards normal direction.

Mr Kumar said that the decision regarding withdrawal or resumption of stoppages were taken at executive level.

He, however assured to apprise the executive body about the pressing demands and concerned of the people and maintained that he will certainly get in touch with the executive regarding the public concern. Mr Kumar hoped that things will definitely move in the required direction gradually.

 The Railway sources at Danapur Rail Division informed that the train stoppages which were withdrawn at 450 halts during lockdown period have not been resumed . The sources said that all the related proposals were with the the ministry and any decision would be made in near future if no fresh lockdown was imposed.

Meanwhile the local people demanding resumption of stoppage of trains at Nalanda railway station have raised their issues at various platforms and now frustrated with the ignorance and apathetic attitude of the authorities were chalking strategies to launch agitation in support of their demands.

Apart from connecting Nalanda Ruins, Nalanda Railway station was one of the prime spot providing connectivity to the Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall, Nav Nalanda Mahavihar, Nalanda Open University and various other installations.

Surprisingly even after being the home turf of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Nalanda is being ignored by Railway ministry, that too under the regime of National Democratic Alliance ( NDA) of which Mr Kumar is a prominent part and parcel.