Parshuram followers must not to fell prey to any political bigot

Patna: Exhorting the people to follow the footsteps of Lord Parshuram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who fought against the misrule, exploitation and atrocities to save the earth from burden of extreme destructive activities, a noted social activist Santosh Bhardwaj appealed them to come under one umbrella instead of remaining divided house for the sake of the community.

Retorting sharply at the numerous functions organised by various groups and the so-called Bhumihar Veterans in Bihar, Santosh Bhardwaj, Functional Director, Bhoomiheen Kisan Majdoor Vikas Sewa Sanstha and Centre For Agrarian Research Training and Education (Carte) Sewa Kendra, Mushari, Muzaffarpur alleged on Tuesday that the followers of Parshuram were "unfortunately" showcasing their strength apparently to encash political mileage in the name of celebrating Parshuram Jayanti.

He said instead of strengthening the followers of Parshuram, the sympathisers and leaders of the community were strengthen those who always aimed to weaken and exploit the Community. 

Appealing to the leaders of the community to come together shunning all rivalries, he  spoke about the lack of adequate thematic and visionary competency among the “Parshuram family” saying that just celebrating “Jayanti” or “gathering Crowd” by hook or by crook would yield no result.

Highlighting the strength of the community it had acquired by the virtue of  its pivotal role in the society, Santosh Bhardwaj, apparently aggrieved at the condition of the devotees of Parshuram in the society said that “Policy Paralysis” among Bhumihar Community has been turning them “Politically Stagnant”  and gripping the them with “Power Bankruptcy” throughout the state.

Without taking the name of any leader, he  suggested the self proclaimed leaders to avoid being  “Political Opportunist” that was visible in the recently held elections for Bihar Legislative Council. 

Making reference to the slogans raised in the past targeting the community, he said that those claiming to be Parshuram (Bhumihar) ideologist, must not forget the agony, sufferings and social loss caused to the community by the slogan- “Bhura Baal Saaf Karo”. Surprisingly the philosophy and the ideologies of the so called leaders of the community appeared to be contradictory, he quipped.

Referring to the nationwide celebrations, power show-offs, political weighing and philosophical amalgamation on the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti, he said that Bihar has been experiencing a pivotal social understanding and absolute synonymy with the scientific law- “Opposite charges attract each other”. Two all time strategic opponents “Bhumihars” and “RJD” for almost three decades- partially seem to be over the same platform. Ironically, such association doesn’t last long but the lack of competent Bhumihar leadership in Bihar has added fuel to this, he opined and added that though there have been a dozen of “section-heads’ in Bhumihar Community, but their unmatchable political ambitions have substantially failed them.

Getting close to the forces which affected the socio-political-economic scenario of the community adversely to such an extent that it was still struggling to come out of it, Santosh Bhardwaj suggested the leaders of the community to avoid adopting insensitive approach and suicidal political turns as it will not at all good for any articulations of Bhumihar Caste in Bihar. He said " they are losing our social, cultural, historical and political legacies quite visibly. We are also being deviated and ostracized for someone’s own advantage. We don’t need many leaders and philosophies- we need a proper community consensus among ourselves", he maintained.

He appreciated the celebrations held to mark the Parshuram Jayanti and added that it has been said that Lord Parshuram is the sixth incarnation and the warrior form of Lord Vishnu. Unlike other avatars, Parshuram is not worshiped as he is believed to be immortal. Lord Parshuram’s purpose on earth was to save the earth from the burden of extreme destructive and irreligious activities resulting from the negligence of kings of several places but his followers have almost forgotten the lessons of his life.

He suggested the Parshuram followers, not to forget their real strength and do not let others to use the community as "Vote Bank".

Appealing the community to remain united instead of showcasing their strength at the different platforms, he said the unity of the community would not let others take undue advantage. He suggested the followers of Parshuram not to fell prey to any political bigot that would be the real homage to Lord Parshuram.