Patna: "Sahastra Lingam", to be installed in the worlds largest #Ramayana temple being constructed in #East Champaran of #Bihar on #Ram-Janki Path , part of the Ayodhya - Janakpur four lane was being constructed at #Mahabalipuram of #Tamilnadu.

"Sahastra Lingam" of 2000 ton would be completed in the next six months. After completion, the "Sahastra Lingam"  would be transported to East Champaran by truck in five months as the truck carrying the  "Sahastra Lingam" can travel only five Km in an hour in view of the traffic.

Meanwhile Mahavir Sthan trust secretary @Acharya Kishor Kunal said in Patna that the "Sahastra Lingam" would be 33 ft tall and 33 ft in diameter and would be a rare one as its construction was stopped after 800 BC.

The Sahastra Lingam was installed by the Chola kings at the #Brihadeeswarar temple in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. Sahastra Lingam is also installed in some temples in #Gaya district.

The Ramayana temple is 72 km away from the confluence of river #Ganga and #Saryu rivers at Gultenganj in Chhapra of Saran district which will be developed as Kanwariya Path. The devotees can perform Jalabhishek of Sahastra Lingam from the holy water of the confluence of Ganga and Saryu rivers.

Stairs, lift and escalator will be installed for conveniently performing Jalabhishek on the Sahastra Lingam.

Once completed, the Ramayan temple with 270 feet height, 1080 feet length, 540 feet width and spread in 108 acres area, will be the largest Hindu temple in the world.

 Ramayan Temple will have 18 eco friendly temples and the entire structure were being constructed in view of the area falling under earthquake zone 5. The Temple will be free from any damage for 250 years.

Earlier objecting to the construction of the worlds largest Virat Ramayana Temple, a replica of the world famous #Angkor Wat temple of #Cambodia, the Cambodian government had written to the India that the  Angkor Wat temple is a world heritage. This 12th century #Hindu temple is exceptional as well as a center of faith for all Hindus of the world. Construction of its replica would be improper hence should be stopped, the Cambodian government had appealed in the letter.

The letter further mentioned that #UNESCO in 1992 had included it in the list of #World Heritage and after independence from France, the Angkor Wat temple became a symbol of Cambodia and its picture is on the national flag of the country.

In view of the Cambodian objections, the design of the Ramayan Temple was changed and the Cambodian government was informed accordingly.

The Ramayan temple will be completed nearly within three years, informed Kunal.