Patna: The political atmosphere of Bihar has suddenly turned to be highly surcharged following delay in the decision by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the seat of the outgoing JD( U) Rajya Sabha Member Ramchandra Prasad ( RCP), who under the current political scenario has become a "Rajanitik Mohra" (political tool) for the BJP.

According to JD(U) insider party national president and MP Rajiv Ranjan alias Lalan Singh, a close aide of Nitish Kumar and party parliamentary board chairman Upendra Kushwaha as well as a major chunk of leaders of the party were against renomination of RCP in Rajya Sabha election.

 Gauging the mood of the party leaders, Nitish Kumar while interacting informally  with media on various occasions expressed his desire to become the member of Rajya Sabha with the hidden agenda of preventing  RCPs reentry in the Upper House.

 RCP, a former IAS officer is of the same caste to which Nitish Kumar belong and hails from the same Nalanda district. It was Nitish Kumar who projected and patronised RCP in the price an in the corridors of power. With passage of time the tuning between RCP and Nitish Kumar got disturbed and the former now maintains cosy link with the BJP and has also developed good command over a major chuck of his caste people.

Meanwhile reacting over the delay being made by Nitish Kumar in disclosing his decision on the seat of RCP , Bihar unit Vice President and Spokesperson of Nationalist Congress Party ( NCP)  Navin Kumar said that following ample indications regarding Nitish Kumar likely to be at the centre stage of the politics and may be the main face of the opposition against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2024 Lok Sabha election, BJP was mulling over utilising RCP in future as an alternative to Nitish Kumar in Bihar in view of the formers increasing hold on his caste.

BJP, the major alliance partner of the ruling NDA was closely watching every move of Nitish Kumar and may nominate RCP in case JD( U) denies his renomination to the Rajya Sabha.

Navin Kumar said that it was difficult for the  BJP to accept the possible projection of  Nitish Kumar against Narendra Modi and was trying to thwart any such attempt.  The opposition parties were coming under one banner at national level against Narendra Modi and BJP, claimed the NCP leader. 

The recent political tunning of Nitish Kumar with Lalu Yadavs RJD was a step towards the unification move of the opposition, claimed the NCP leader alleging that frustrated with it the BJP was adopting pressure politics through encforcement directorate ( ED) and CBI actions.

He said that the unified opposition as of now has identified 182 seats of Lok Sabha in West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar , Uttar Pradesh , Chhatisgarh and Maharashtra and was strategically working on them.

The NCP leader maintained that the rapid political changes in Bihar indicate all is not well within the NDA and the alliance partners were allegedly indulged in power tussle. 

 Nitish Kumar, famous of taking last minute decisions, while talking to media persons on Sunday had stated that the decision on the Rajya Sabha seat of the outgoing JD ( U) MP RCP would be taken at an appropriate time.