Rajya Sabha Nomination suspense has turned out to be the apple of discord  in this NDA alliance

Outgoing Rajya Sabha MP R.C.P Singh is  allegedly singing to the tunes of BJP

Patna: The silent bilateral scuffle and open behavioral confrontation between BJP and JDU is no longer remained a secret. The extra cautioning approach and indirect pilferage in the alliance gradually losing its strategic relevance.

For the last few weeks, the inclination of JDU towards RJD has been a pivotal point for infusing the differences in alliance.
JDU chief Nitish Kumar has always been a seasoned Politician who maintain productive communication mechanism with every party. Let it be "Caste based Census" or any other hidden agenda - his meeting with RJD stalwarts and Tejaswi Yadav has undoubtedly created a ruckus among his contemporary associates. 

Like Late Ram Vilas Paswan, Nitish Kumar is also a political meteorologist. He has been used to power for long and will leave no stone unturned for being in.  

Politicians like R.C.P Singh , who is  allegedly singing to the tunes of BJP may add odds to the present scenario. When BJP is eying blessings in disguise, Nitish Kumar may unlock his eye hook with the help of RJD.

 Rajya Sabha Nomination suspense has turned out to be the apple of discord  in this NDA alliance. 

Meanwhile, the status of governance has reached to its bottom line. Rising crimes, corruption and disorganised administrative execution has become the symbol of this Govt. No minister except Sri Shahnawaz Hussain seems to be focused for what they have been chosen. The ongoing practice of managing political mileage has ostracized the whole Govt. machinery. No one is bothered rather no one is interested in performing his/her responsibilities towards the common men. This gross dereliction of constitutional duties has again reminded us of the "Jungle Raj" in history.

Rajya Sabha election has become a prestige issue for all the political parties not the growth and development of Bihar. This is quite ironical and ungrateful for all the elected representatives in this state.
BJP is also not an exception. This party has a tendency to ignore its own cadre base. How long this Party would survive over Modi Magic is a billion dollar question. Until a party stress upon resolving the local issues, it can never survive for long. The miserable whims n fancies of these parties are bluffing with the trust n unconditional support they have been receiving from their supporters. 
The continued drama and orchestration of power politics has surpassed all the social rationality substantially. 

JDU is ready for surgical strike and simultaneously  BJP is ready to counter. RJD hopes to regain its empire over the ashes of this NDA alliance. Its all about being a perfect opportunist. 

( Note: The write-up is personal opinion of Mr Santosh Bhardwaj,Functional Director- Bhoomiheen Kisan Mazdoor Vikas Sewa Sanstha (BKMVSS) )