Rohingyas and Infiltrators can be identified in the head count and can be ousted

Patna:BJP fire brand leader Giriraj Singh, Union Minister strongly demanded for head count of the Muslims in the caste based census in Bihar.

Mr Singh said that Rohingyas and Infiltrators would be easily identified 
through head count of Muslim minorities in census. It would also facilitate their ouster from Seemanchal areas and Bihar.

Giriraj Singh, a prominent Hindu face of BJP  said that time has come when the word minority should be reviewed.

He said that when Muslims were getting benefits of the schemes their caste should also be assessed during caste based census.

The BJP leader asked to keep the infiltrators including Rohingyas and Bangladeshis  away from caste based census to be conducted in Bihar. He also asked to keep the people and the families away from caste census who were removed from the country in 1991-92.