Cottage industries can play major role to make women self dependent

 Massive transformation visible in womens mentality in Bihar

Patna: Rashtra Sevika Samiti ( RSS) ,the largest womens Hindu organisation working to uphold Indian culture and traditions was mulling over making women folk of Bihar financially self reliant along with their intellectual upgradation in order to make them more responsible towards society and environment conservation.

Akhil Bhartiya Sah Kaaryavaahika Sunita Haldekar, accompanied by Management chief of Varga ( class) in Bihar Nivedita Sinha and Varga Kaaryavaahika Oum Jyoti Bhagat said here that to accomplish the women empowerment mission, the Samiti was focusing to involve the woman folk in cottage industries especially living in the rural areas so that they can be financially self reliant. She said that the decision and strategies for it would be chalked out in the Yojana ( Planning) meetings.
While imparting various trainings to the women folk in the Varg (class) and interacting with them in various parts of the country, Sunita  Haldekar said that she realised that the woman of the society need to be empowered economically for which the cottage industries can play a major role. Referring to the success stories of cottage industries that helped lakhs of women being financially self dependent in Nagpur and West Bengal, She said that such industries have the potential to make the women financially self dependent. 

She however admitted that the environment of Bihar, she is visiting since 2011, was totally different where some other measures need to be adopted along with cottage industries.

Delighted at the visible changes in Bihar  especially in terms of empowering women in every walks of life, she said that the scenario in Bihar is different as it has has completely transformed. She said that such massive change was not visible in other parts of the country.

Apparently elated with the large number of women coming out in public, especially during morning walk and practicing yoga even at public places like park and playgrounds. She said that the mentality of the women have changed here and added that women were not coming out to practice yoga or physical activities in public in such large number even in Maharashtra .

Sunita Haldekar, who is imparting mental, intellectual, physical, cultural, ethics and other trainings to nearly 100 to 150 women folk in Varga ( class ) of South and North Bihar organised under the aegies of Rashtra Sevika Samiti at Keshav Vidyamandir- Patna stressed the need for bringing a change in the lifestyle of women.

Women need to be more focused and sensitive towards the environment, she said adding that during Varg training programme an awareness towards environment was being created among them.

Outlining her future programmes, Haldekar said that she was contemplating to involve the women Panchayat representatives and Mukhiya in her mission especially in Bihar where large number of them have been elected. She hoped that these Panchayat representatives would act as an agent of change in the state like Bihar.

Sharing her experiences during such training programmes taken up in Guwahati, she said that the Samiti successfully worked with 27 elected members of the corporation in Guwahati.

Lauding the efforts of the work of Corporation members in Indore, she said that the woman members have taken up various society oriented programmes and were executing them successfully.

Sunita Haldekar further said that she would work with the elected women representatives of panchayats in Bihar for environment conservation and added that the people here need to change their mentality and need to be more sensitive towards their environment, cleanliness and hygiene.

Speaking about the Varga, going on since May 31st in Patna, she said that 100 such Vargas were currently being run across the country in which over 15000 women were getting enlightened towards moral values, their social responsibilities towards their family and in turn the society.

She further said that the Samiti was running 5000 shakhas in the country including 49 in South Bihar.

Highlighting the commitment of Pracharikas  of the Samiti she said that 52 full time Pracharikas have devoted their entire life for the society and where working for mental, intellectual, emotional, financial and Physical upliftment of the women folk. Apart from this more than 100 short term Pracharikas were also actively assisting in the mission.

The management chief of Varga in Bihar Nivedita Sinha and Varga Kaaryavahika Oum Jyoti Bhagat giving details of the Varga activities said that the women belonging to various strata including girls pursuing courses like MBA, BBA, BCA, Law MBBS and housewives with rural backgrounds haling from 23 districts of Bihar were attending the classes. They were being trained for Judo Karate, other physical forms of self defence, art, yoga, music and culture in the Varga , valedictory function of which is slated for June 14. Akhil Bharatiya Sah Kaaryvaahika of Rashtra Sevika Samiti Chitraji Joshi would address the function as Chief guest.

The feeling of Patriotism and commitment towards the nation were being inculcated among the participants who have come to attend the Varga, they informed.

They said that even after the Varga and training programmes get over, they all remain in contact with each other with the help of local Shakha sanchalak for carrying forward the mission of the Samiti to sensitise and aware the entire women folk.

 Sunita Haldekar further said that  RSS women were actively involved in socio-cultural activities to inculcate sense of responsible behaviour and social awareness in people by conducting educational and awareness camps regularly at different levels in all parts of the country. 

875 centers conduct the Shakhas with regular gatherings of members where they practice yoga, sing national and patriotic songs, military training and have discussions on daily basis.

the Samiti which operate about 5215 centers, also runs 475 service projects across the country for the poor and underprivileged, with regard to religion, caste, creed, sect, gender, or ethnicity. These include Go Shalas , libraries, computer training centers and orphanages.

The Rashtra Sevika Samiti has special focuses on Hindu womens role in the society as leaders and agents of positive social reform for which they are taught about Matrutva (Universal Motherhood), Kartrutva (Efficiency and Social Activism) and Netrutva (Leadership).