Ranchi: Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Subodh Kant Sahai said that BJP has harmed Indias reputation around the world. Disciplinary action notwithstanding, the two national spokespersons of BJP have imprecated monstrous divisive communal curse on our country. Although the immediate focus is on the outrage from several Gulf countries, the chasm created in nation’s life has deeper ramifications.

The ruling BJP suspended its national spokesperson Nupur Sharma and expelled its Delhi spokesperson Naveen Kumar Jindal, following comments they had made about Islam and the Prophet last week, said Mr Sahay adding that the move came after three countries in the Gulf region had summoned the Indian ambassadors to their nations to register their protest, and demanded a public apology from India and many countries from the Gulf protested.

It is ironical that BJP is keen to win over Muslims to their view of India yet it is muddled in its view as to what Muslims should do to become Indians. It is unclear about those fundamental values and sensibilities that Muslims should share as an affirmation of loyalty and commitment to become “Indians”. BJP ideologues embrace with zeal and affection those Muslims who live and behave as good “Hindus”. Loyalty to the constitution is not enough, even dying for the country is not enough. But here is the catch- does it set, in its rhetoric, assertions, and in conduct any example of being a good “Hindu”?

Mr. Sahai further said “BJP desperately wants the country to be respected and “feared” in the world. But it does not endorse the logic of this respect in leading the greatest anti-colonial movement in history, or having taught to the world the precious language of non-violence, or conducting its affairs as a vibrant democracy, or having brought to the world affairs the voice of peace, sanity, and moderation. It has little commitment to social justice, equality, and individual liberty.”

Here lies the major dichotomy. No exemplification of a good “Hindu”, and professing a political economy that is at 180 degree variance from the time immemorial civilizational values of India. Completely oblivious of the history of India and totally ignorant of the great anti-colonial movement led by India, BJP tends to locate the major Faultline of Indian History in the religious conflict between “Hindus” and “Muslims”. Cherry picking instances of religious intolerance and bloating them as representative “facts” of Indian History on the audio-visual media has been their only vocation. It is astonishing that the grave and beset with serious transformational consequences of colonialism seldom find any mention. 

Mr. Sahai said that we should not dilate any further on this matter. The consequences are for everyone to see. Mostrous divisive communal curse, as said above, has brought upon us national shame. It is also fraught with major economic consequences. The hurriedly drafted and publicised Equal Religious Respect pronouncement reveals much more than it vainly tries to salvage. BJP has the (dis)credit of setting a global milestone, one smeared with international rebuke. It has successfully erased the “70 year” acclaim and honour of India as the flag-bearer nation of freedom from bigotry. It should thank (and why punish?) its “national fringe” for bringing it this (ill) repute.