Pilot made emergency landing at Patna airport

Local people noticed the fire in aircraft and informed the administration

Fire caught perhaps due to bird hit

Patna: Delhi bound Spice Jet flight which caught fire in mid air immediately after it took off from Patna at around 12 O clock on Sunday, made emergency landing at Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport Patna.

All 185 passengers were rescued and were safe along with the crew members.

  District Magistrate ( DM) Chandra Shekhar Singh and Senior Police Superintendent( SSP) Manvendra Singh Dhillon who arrived at the airport said that people of Phulwari Sharif area near the airport noticed the fire in the aircraft. The DM appreciated that they informed the district administration as well as the airport authorities timely.

He said that the pilot also noticed the fire and made emergency landing at the airport.

Fire tenders and the ambulances were arranged  to manage the situation outside the airport.

The fire in SG 725 Patna Delhi Spice Jet flight might have caused either due to some technical snag or bird hit, however the actual cause could be ascertained after the investigation.