People of Bihar thwarted any attempt aimed at suppressing democracy

Patna: Prime Minister Narendra Modi described India as the "Mother of the  Democracy" which emanated from Bihar.

India is not only the largest democracy but  is the "Mother of the  Democracy", said the Prime Minister, while addressing the valedictory function of the centenary celebrations of Bihar assembly building on Tuesday in Patna, the state capital of Bihar.

A strong Bihar would make democratic system of the country stronger, said the PM adding that when the world was being acquainted with the democracy, it was at its peak in Lichhvi and in Vaishali of Bihar.

People of Bihar were more sensitive towards democracy and stood strongly against any move aimed to suppress it, said the PM who also spoke about the sacrifices made by the first chief minister of Bihar Dr Shri Krishna Singh, who had strongly opposed the attempt of dragging India in the second World War by the British government and had put down his papers.

After independence, when a move to suppress democracy was initiated in the year 1974-75, the people of Bihar did not tolerate it and rejected the entire move. People of Bihar never let the democracy weaken.

The PM also taught the lessons of duties and responsibilities saying that everyone need to exhibit commitment and the next 25 years would be a period when everyone should discharge duties and responsibilities with more commitment. He opined that commitment towards duty would make the command on the rights more powerful.

He said that Bihar assembly had a glorious history of 100 years and hoped that the next century too would be more glorious.

The PM inaugurated the Assembly Shatabdi Stambh,planted the Sapling of Kalptaru tree in the state assembly premises and laid the foundation stone of Bihar assembly museum and its guest house during the function.