Lalan threatens to expose the conspiracy at an appropriate time

Lalan compares RCP with Chirag Paswan

Patna: Irked at the volley of remarks made by RCP Singh, once a close aide of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, upon him and on the JD(U), the party national president Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh, dubbed him just a former caretaker and only "Satta ka Saathi" (shareholder of power) saying that another "Chirag Model" was being hatched which Nitish Kumar diffused in time.

Lalan Singh said this at the time when the political atmosphere was highly surcharged following the remarks of RCP made by him after he relinquished the JD ( U) in the light of explanation sought from him by the party based on the complaints for amasing huge wealth illegally.

 Lalan Singh though avoided taking name of any political party but alleged that an another "Chirag Model" alike to the one that was engineered and experimented during 2020 Lok Sabha elections, was again being hatched which Nitish Kumar identified and diffused at the nick of the time.

Threatening to expose the conspiracy at an appropriate time in future, he retorted sharply at the comments of RCP who had dubbed JD(U) as a sinking Ship, Lalan Singh claimed it to be a moving Ship not a sinking one.

He however admitted that some conspiracy was hatched by some vested interest to damage the Ship which Nitish Kumar identified and repaired timely.

He said that each and every leader of the party was now alert towards any conspiracy which the leaders would not let succeed at any cost under the leadership of Nitish Kumar.