The ruling class, through their ideology, is responsible for societys disintegration: Subodh Kant

Sriperumbudur: Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Subodh Kant Sahai said that power is a fleeting thing, but those who think of power as permanent tend to go in the wrong direction. 

He stated that while in power, people want to run the entire society from their perspective, which is the cause of the countrys breakdown. Mr. Sahai went on to say that while there is reform in the community, there is no stream roller. Your and my one step together will bring the nation together, which is urgently needed.

The first problem is social breakdown. A financial breakdown has happened. The future of the youth is bleak. All of these questions are tearing the country apart. The country is strong when we hold each others hands, but today we are pushing each other instead. The country is collapsing as a result of its socioeconomic situation. The credibility and beauty of Indias identity have been the form of unity in our diversity, which has today been shattered due to the mentality of those in power and the imposition of their ideology on everyone.

The Mughals came, and the British came, but no one could break us, no one could weaken us, and we rose again. But things have gotten worse; the poor are getting poorer, while a few people are getting richer and richer. What kind of policy is this? This is the source of the problem.

While reminding the journalists, Subodh Kant Sahai stated that the event of Durga Puja has begun throughout the country, particularly in West Bengal and neighbouring states.  You will recall that it begins with Mahalaya, and that in the morning of Mahalaya, Birendra Krishna Bhadra performed an invocation of Mahismardini Durga from All India Radio in 1930, the recording of which is still broadcast today.

He asked the journalists, "Can you tell me which government was here at the time?" There was British administration. Nonetheless, in keeping with Indian tradition, they never stopped broadcasting Mahalaya. But at the moment, those in power in the centre propagate the idea that they are the sole flag bearer of Hindu religion, that everything is fine right now, and that nothing happened before that. What a stupid thing to do.

And this broadcast has never been interrupted because when India became independent and the Congress party came to power, it kept up with understanding this importance, and according to Indian tradition, everyone is equally given the respectable highest position that they deserved, regardless of religion. No one can deny that India is a secular country; the entire world sees this Indian system as proud of secularism, that despite its diversity, India is constantly tying itself in the thread of unity, respecting each other hand in hand and making steady progress.

Those in power are currently attempting to impose their personal ideologies on all constitutional institutions. Our country may tend to drift off course in the future. To avoid this disorientation, the Congress party, led by Congress leader Shri Rahul Gandhi, has taken the initiative to add the country at the national level.

In this journey, we people of all religions, communities, and sects are working together to convert the entire nation into true nationalism, and we believe that we will all be successful, and those who are sowing the seeds of hatred in the nation for their few selfish interests will be completely destroyed. 

He stated that people in Kanyakumari have cherished the spirit of Congress in their hearts and are moving forward step by step today. This programme is being implemented across the country, and you will learn how this visit has presented the true meaning of nationalism to the people.