Amit Shah is leader of younger generation: Nikhil

Amit Shah did historic work by removing Article 370 and 35A from J and K

Patna: Retorting sharply at the unrestrained babbles of opposition leaders against Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah, BJP OBC Morcha National General Secretary and Bihar BJP Spokesperson Nikhil Anand said that Amit Shah was a great leader of younger generation who did the historic work by removing Article 370 and 35A from Jammu and Kashmir. 

Nikhil Anand alleged that shocked, frustrated and perturbed with the immense response during Bihar visit of Mr Shah, opposition leaders of the Grand Alliance were induldged in unrestrained babbles.

In his befitting reply to the grand alliance leaders statement Mr. Anand said that some  of the so called prominent leaders in their reference to the JP movement has stated that Mr Shah was 10 years old at that time. He said that Mr Shah is internationally acclaimed great leader of the younger generation.

 It is Mr Shah who removed Article 370 and 35A from Jammu and Kashmir. Nikhil mocked at such leaders claim of being a product of JP movement and said that everyone knew that with genuine activists some chubby and prankster type of people also became active during JP movement. He said that such leaders responsibility was to keep their favourite leaders in good humour and entertain them. Many of these so called facilitators and subordinates are now JP fighters today. At the same time, many of these people have continued to become self-styled and self proclaimed leaders of private, pocket and family based political parties.

It is unfortunate that several honest and struggling JP fighters were deprived of JP pension while some fake people were getting it.