Kejriwal humiliates Yadavas with his statement 

Kejriwal should immediately apologise and withdraw his statement insulting Yadavas  

Yadavas will certainly politically oppose Kejriwal for attacking their sentiments

Kejriwals statement was provocative and loaded with hatred against Yadav community

The statement was casteist and racist in nature

Patna: Condemning strongly the statement of Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal for annihilating the descendants of Kans, BJP demanded immediate public apology from Kejriwal alleging the statement as direct attack on the sentiments of Yadava community across the country who were offended by the statement which should immediately be withdrawn.

Retorting sharply at the statement of Kejriwal, BJP OBC Morchas National General Secretary and Bihar BJP Spokesperson Nikhil Anand termed it as "Unfortunate".

Referring to the claims of Kejriwal to be born on Janmashtami, the day Lord Krishna was born, Nikhil Anand said that just by being born on Janmashtami, Kejriwal can not declare himself as Lord Krishna or his descendant to score political mileage.

Nikhil Anand said here on Sunday that Kejriwals cheap and superficial mentality of doing politics in the name of Lord Shri Krishna was highly condemnable.

Demanding immediate withdrawal of his statement and public apology for hurting the sentiments of Yadav community across the country, the BJP leader said that in case Kejriwal ignores the emotions of the community and fail to apologise, the Yadavas will fight and politically oppose him by tooth and nail across the nation.

Reminding Kejriwal the mythological facts, Nikhil Anand said that Lord Shri Krishna though killed Kansa because of his atrocities as Emperor but never talked about complete destruction of Kansas children or grand children, the people of his family or clan, nor has it been written anywhere. 

He further mentioned that everyone knew that Shri Krishna was Kansas nephew and son of Devaki, Kansas sister.

 Speaking about the belief of the Yadav community, he said that the Yadavas in the country, follow the historical traditions and family heritage of Yadav society including Krishna- Kans- Balram and others. 

The statement of Kejriwal has invited provocation against Yadav community to the level of genocide as it is loaded with hatred against Yadav community, alleged BJP leader who further added that the statement was casteist and racist in nature.

Kejriwals bitter expression has intention to demean the credibility, self respect and dignity of historically glorious Yadav community all over the country, he alleged. 

Nikhil Anand said that by issuing such deplorable statement Kejriwal exhibited his mental bankruptcy and maintained that Kejriwal was hell bent to take political advantage by falsely associating himself with Lord Krishna.

Dubbing such move of Kejriwal as cheap and shameful, he asked Delhi CM to explain his personal opinion about making of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple Complex in Mathura free from encroachment and establishing a grand Shri Krishna Temple on the pattern of Ayodhyas ShriRam Temple.

The BJP leader also asked Kejriwal to reply whether he was in support of the campaign of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Liberation Movement or not ?