New Delhi: Agitated over massive displacements of the adhoc and temporary teachers by the Delhi University ( DU) administration, the teachers showing their wider and deeper resentment against the 
arbitrary approach of the university,
observed Get Well Soon Dharana on Wednesday.

Academics for Action and Development Teachers Association (AADTA) Media Coordinator Rajesh Jha said here today that the turn out of the teachers in Dharna was massive who protested against the draconian decision of the DU administration.

He said that several adhoc and Temporary teachers, victims of the arbitrary decision of the DU narrated their sordid tale and the plight they have been facing following removal from their jobs even after putting their long service and now staring at financial insecurity and career instability.

Prof. Jha said that AADTA stands in solidarity with thousands of adhoc teachers who are undergoing deep crisis and sleepless nights despite contributing their blood and soil for the excellence of DU. If the colleges are riding high in the MoE and NAAC conducted rankings then how the adhoc and temporary teachers can now be found unsuitable for selection. "We shouldnt forget that the majority of the university and college faculties are adhoc and temporary and hence, the credit cannot be snatched away from them", he quipped.

Prof. Jha said here today that the university administration, the present leadership and their larger family has formed an axis to sacrifice the merit and experience of working adhoc and temporary teachers.

He alleged that slaying of adhoc and temporary teachers is being hailed by the prominent faces of the ruling group and taking advantage of it, the administration has got emboldened in indiscriminate displacements and reducing the 5th December letter of Ministry of Human Resources Department (MHRD) to redundance.

The resolution for absorption got diluted by the electoral promise of regularisation, Prof. Jha said adding that the Education Council (EC) Members and Academic Council ( AC) Members  raised the voice for Absorption in every meeting of EC and AC and also protested in the well of the house to press for absorption; but the administrations remained brazen in their proclamation of the displacements in case of interviews. 

He said that this approach is the product of such an exclusionary mindset which is not ready to accept the working adhoc and temporary teachers as its own.

Prof. Jha said that AADTA is committed to resist this mindset and the scheme for displacements and support firmly the DUTAs resolution for Absorption.