Leading manufacturers showcase their state-of-the- art equipment for contemporary cinema production

IFFIWood (Goa) Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Youth Affairs and Sports Anurag Singh Thakur, inaugurated the Film Technology Exhibition showcasing technology and various elements pertaining to film art/cinema and aesthetics at IFFI 2022 in Goa on Monday . 

Film Technology Exhibition at the 53rd IFFI, is showcasing technology and various elements pertaining to film art/cinema and aesthetics. Film enthusiasts visiting the exhibition are being taken through the interlinkages of technology in the context of film art and aesthetics and also how these elements come together and enrich viewer experience.

“The first edition of the Film Technology Exhibition has brought in the best tech in Film production as part of the festival. This is a golden opportunity for film students and professionals to update and learn what is the latest in the market”, said Director FTII Sandeep Shahare.

The exhibition at the Football Ground, D B Road, Panaji adjacent to Kala Academy would continue till November 27.
Leading manufacturers of cinema equipment such as Sony, Canon, Zeiss, Red, Leica, Altas,DZO, Aputure Lights, Hansa Cine Equipment among others are participating in the exhibition to showcase their state-of-the- art equipment being used by industry experts in contemporary cinema production. The palette at the exhibition ranges across manufacturers of cameras, lenses, lights, grips, colour grading software, animation, VFX, AR, VR, audio monitors, acoustics, real time dubbing, talk-backs, preservation and restoration. 

In addition to the exhibition discussions and various sessions were being held at the exhibition venue.