Govt. need to expedite cases against such forces and put behind bars the Jihadis and Naxal elements under a new law

( The article is written by Prof Anand Kumar, National Fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Study - IIAS, Shimla) 

Shimla: Tool kit against Prime Minister Narendra Modi opens in instalments from around the world on the eye movement of Indian handlers.

Tirade against Adani is in part of the same familiar pattern. Hit Modi. Tirade was initiated by Mani Shankar Aiyar when he went to Pakistan and asked for their help in defeating Modi. The tirade began with JNU. After its success Anti-CAA was unrolled and that had a resounding success. Then, Farmer’s agitaion on dry fruits and rapes for entertainment and continued with the unfurling of Khalistan flag on the Red Fort and murders of onlookers. It succeeded more; government had to withdraw the bill and law. 

Had it just been an isolated incident, Modi would have lost but the serial killings expose the plot.

Goverment must now swing into action. Expedite cases against political leaders or withdraw them for a temporary truce. Jail the Jihadi and Naxal elements under a new law which expedites saving India.