-By Ashutosh Shukla

Fatehpur: The district jail administration of Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh has taken up an uphill task to educate the illiterate prisoners under a mission mode.

Jail Superintendent Md. Akram Khan
said here that he took up the challenge to educate the jail birds. 

He said that an examination was conducted inside the district jail on Sunday under the direction of the Directorate of Literacy, Uttar Pradesh Lucknow in which a total number of 64 prisoners including 9 women took the examination. 

The successful prisoners will get certificates by NIOS. In the three hours examination the question papers consisted 8 questions with 
multiple sections and the prisoners were supposed to answer in the question paper itself.

He said to his great surprise, the prisoners solved the papers in around 2 hours.

The prisoners who took the examination, were illiterate at the time of their admission to the jail, he quipped.

ARP Mr. Chetram of Teliyani Block Fatehpur was present at the time of the examination in which Principal Education Teacher Mr. Vikas Gupta, Education Teacher Mrs. Archana Singh, Mrs. Seema Singh were present as observers.

The examination was conducted under the monitoring of the Jail Superintendent Md. Akram Khan.

Deputy jail superintendent Prem Narayan, Mrs. Maya Singh and in-charge education teacher Mr. Anil Tripathi also extended their cooperation in conducting the examination.