-By Ashutosh Shukla

Govt takes decision in view of overcrowding in jails

Lucknow : Taking cognizance of over crowding of jails in Uttar Pradesh ( UP), the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has decided to construct 20 new, high-tech jails in the state.

Source close to the prison department said here on Tuesday that a recent report revealed that the number of inmates were exceeding jails’ capacity in view of which the CM decided to construct 20 new, high-tech jails in the state, which includes 11 districts that do not have any prison at present. Apart from this, the process of construction of one central jail and other jails in nine districts has also started while the number of barracks were being increased in some of the jails. 

According to the source the jails will be hi-tech keeping in view the present scenario. The construction would be complete within 2 to 5 years. 

Senior officials of the Prison Administration and Reform Services said that currently against the capacity of 13,669 prisoners, the seven central jails of UP have 15,201 inmates lodged in them, which is a ratio of 111 percent. Similarly, 62 district jails with a capacity of 49,107 prisoners have 95,597 prisoners lodged in them, with the ratio of 194 percent. There are 2 sub-jails with a capacity of 306 prisoners in which 664 inmates are lodged with its ratio coming to 216 percent. Womens Central Jail has a capacity of 120 prisoners, against which 148 prisoners are detained, with a ratio of 123 percent.

Construction of new jails accelerates in 11 districts

The construction process has started in 11 districts of the state, including prisons with a capacity of 990 inmates each in Amethi and Mahoba, of 1000  in Kushinagar, Chandauli, Auraiya, Hapur, Sambhal, Amroha and Bhadohi, and 1026 in Hathras and 2,000 in Shamli. 

Similarly, the construction of a new Central Jail in Lalitpur with a capacity of 2,000 inmated has been expedited. At the same time, the process of construction of second district jail of 1000 inmate capacity has started in Lalipur. Besides, funds have been approved for the repair and renovation of Bareillys old jail, which will have a capacity of 2,579 prisoners. Apart from this, the process of construction of prisons with a capacity of 3,000 each in Moradabad and Muzaffarnagar, 2,000 each in Shahjahanpur, Badaun and Varanasi and 1,000 each in Jaunpur and Rampur and 5,000 in Kanpur city is underway. 

At the same time, by the end of March, the district jail with a capacity of 502 prisoners in Shravasti and 2688 in Prayagraj will be ready. Along with this, one barrack with capacity of 30 prisoners is being constructed in Gorkhupar District Jail, seven barracks with capacity of 30 prisoners in Central Jail Varanasi and four barracks with capacity of 30 prisoners in District Jail Mathura. With the construction of new jails, repair of existing jails and increasing the capacity of barracks in jails, more than 35,000 prisoners can be shifted there.