Rahul Gandhi cannot succumb to "tulughma" tactics of Modi

The hurry is extremely unusual but not unexpected at all

New Delhi: In reaction to Rahul Gandhi being debarred from the Parliament, veteran Congress leader Mr. Subodh Kant Sahai tweeted,” The hurry is extremely unusual but not unexpected at all. 

Muffle the voice, scuttle opportunities for free thought, strangle the idea from spreading among the people - these are devices used by authoritarian governments since time immemorial, said the senior Congress leader Subodh Kant Sahay. He said the idea cannot be killed, cannot be buried by such methods has been testified since time immemorial. Democracy is an idea, liberty is an idea that has never succumbed to oppressive and coercive means, howsoever intense they have been.

The Congress leader said that for Rahul Gandhi freedom of thought is paramount. He cannot succumb to "tulughma" tactics of Modi. He is a warrior of the ilk of Pandit Nehru and Mrs. Indira Gandhi. His illustrious father Sri Rajiv Gandhi was a martyr in the cause of the country as was his grandmother. 

Modi has to answer for the Adani Gate, the false allegation of belittling motherland heaped on him in Sansad has to be answered in Sansad first, the warped working of Indian democracy in the last one decade has been both the cause and the symptom of subjugated and contrived institutional framework - these are the burning issues today from which no amount of "legal" impudence can deviate country s attention. 

No one should live under the delusion that contrived, orchestrated "popularity" will shield from the wrath of the great people of this country", he quipped.