In absence of Governing Bodies, DU has been arbitrarily displacing adhoc & temp teachers

Over 80% of adhoc and temp teachers displaced in the ongoing interviews in DU

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Partys Teachers Wing held a protest inside the Executive Council (EC) meeting of Delhi University demanding the immediate formation of governing bodies in Delhi government-funded DU colleges. 

The protest was led by AADTAs Dr Seema Das and Rajpal Singh Pawar, who are EC members of the university. They sat in the well of the EC meeting to press for the cause of absorption and to protest the non-formation of Governing Bodies in Delhi Govt-funded DU Colleges.

Speaking about the protest, Dr Aditya Narayan Mishra, the National Incharge of AADTA, highlighted the plight of the professors and demanded that the DU administration stop arbitrarily displacing adhoc and temp teachers and denying absorption. He stressed that the absence of Governing Bodies has led to teachers being displaced by DU. 

Dr Seema Das, an EC member from AADTA, expressed concern over the massive displacements of ad-hoc and temporary teachers due to the non-formation of Governing Bodies in 28 Delhi government-funded DU colleges. She stated that DU has been reneging on its promise of no displacement and warned that this is leading to the harassment of thousands of adhoc and temporary teachers working in the colleges of the university. She said that over 80% of teachers are being displaced by DU at present.

The AADTA has demanded that the DU administration take immediate action to form Governing Bodies in Delhi government-funded DU colleges to ensure job security for adhoc and temporary teachers and avoid arbitrary displacement. The AAP has also called for an end to the harassment of professors and the implementation of fair employment practices in DU.

AADTA strongly opposed and dissented the partisan resolution moved by the Members of NDTF to authorise VC to expand the GBs of the colleges on the pattern of Bharati College and Shivaji College.