New Delhi/Jaipur: Cases of sleep disorders are increasing among the youth population of Rajasthan and medics are seeing a link to heart diseases. Long hours of work induced stress is the major reason for sleep deprivation among netizens of Jaipur, said Dr Naresh Purohit, an Advisor National Mental Health Programme.

Speaking to Vibrant News on this issue noted Disaster Mental Health Expert Dr Purohit said that the number of patients with sleep disorders have increased by 30% to 40% over the past decade. Those in the teenage to middle-aged group are most affected. 

"Sleep deprivation in youngsters of pink city  is attributed to the increase in the use of light-emitting devices like smartphones." he added

“Recent scientific studies have shown that sleep disorders can put stress on heart functions, disturb heart rhythm, increase blood pressure and the stickiness of platelets in blood. Also, heart attack and stroke are associated with sleep apnea (which reduces oxygen levels in blood) and sleep disorders,” he averred.

The renowned physician said that sleep deprivation is a precipitating factor for heart disease. Other than increasing heart rate and BP, it also contributes to obesity, stress, etc., that are direct risk factors for heart disease.

He pointed that around 70% of the sleep apnea patients reporting to various teaching hospitals of Jaipur are aged below 45 years.

He stated that sleep deprivation also affects other organs like the liver and causes a range of problems like mood problems and low productivity.

“The extent of sleep each individual requires varies; some need fewer hours only. But on average, seven hours of sleep is needed for those aged between 11 and 60 years.” he added.

 "While options like bright light therapy are available for sleep disorder patients, the most important solution is lifestyle change" he advised.