By Ashutosh Shukla

Agra: Carrying forward the trend of changing nomenclature of places , the Ghatiya (atrocious) Aazam Khan Road would now be known in the name of famous Vishwa Hindu Parishad ( VHP ) leader , Ashok Singhal Road . The change is the sequel to the trend of changing names of the places .

The road in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh and its piquant name had its history in the Akbars era.

The Mayor of Agra Navin Jain said that the town ward counsellor of Shaheed Nagar Jagdish Pachauri proposed to change the name which was accepted in the 13th session of the Agra Municipal Corporation on the occasion of birth anniversary of VHP leader Ashok Singhal.

Mr Jain said that the late VHP leader Ashok Singhal was born 95 years ago on September 27 , 1926 at his maternal house located on Ghatiya (atrocious) Aazam Khan Road .
The change in the name of the road and renaming it in the name of Mr Ashok Singhal was a real tribute to the departed leader.

VHP And Bajrang Dal Describes It As A Matter Of Pride

Overwhelmed with the transformation, the regional convenor of Bajrang Dal Rakesh Tyagi said that it was a long cherished demand of the VHP and Bajrang Dal. He said that one of the prominent hero of Ram Mandir Ashok Singhal who passed away in November 2015 , got recognition at his birthplace.  It was a matter of great pride for the Bajrang Dal and VHP both.

VHP town vice president Shiv Kumar Gupta its Satsang chief Manoj Sharma, block chief Rambabu secretary Rahul Basani ,VHP religious propagating chief (Prasar Pramukh ) Neeraj Verma , Akhada chief of Bajrang Dal Kapil Tyagi, Rahul Sharma ,Gaurav Agrawal ,Pankaj Verma, Honey Chauhan and others expressed their gratitude towards the Mayor for facilitating the change in the name of the road.

Ashok Singhas role in Ram Temple

Mr Ashok Singhal had a major contribution in according public recognition of VHP . He was a leader who played an aggressive role in creating atmosphere for launching tirade for construction of Ram temple . A massive spiritual conclave was organised in 1984 under the leadership of Mr Ashok Singhal in which a resolution was adopted for launching a movement  in favour of construction of Rama temple . Apart from this Mr Singhal played a pivotal role in laying the foundation stone of Ram temple in 1989 at the disputed site .

Meanwhile a famous Historian Rajkishor Sharma  elaborating the  details of the  story behind the name of Ghatiya Azam Khan Road ,writes in his book Tawarikh-e-Agra that Mirza Aziz Koka was a Wazir (minister ) the cabinet of Akbar. Aziz Koka was conferred with title Khan -e- Azam. His Mansion was in a Ghati ( valley) which remained filled with water during rainy season.

To commute at that time, he had to use a boat and because of this it was called as Ghati (valley) and as Khan -e- Azam lived there, the Ghati became popular as Ghati Khan-e- Azam.
 Later it was  popular as Ghati Azam Khan but with the passage of time  it was distorted to  Ghatiya Azam Khan  and its piquant name remained in use even after Mughal period .

The road which has now been changed in the name of Ashok Singhal Road is a hub of wooden glass and iron furniture.