Bihar: For Chaumukhi, a two years old differently abled girl , born with four hands and four legs, the Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is like an Almighty who has come as a ray of hope in her life.

Sonu Sood is trying his best to give new lease of life to Chaumukhi whose life has turned miserable due to her disability.

The trouble of Chaumukhi, who hails from a sleeping hamlet of Hemda village in Nawada district in Bihar, was compounding as she was growing old. Since her birth, she had become a matter of curiosity for the fellow villagers.

Chaumukhis father Basant Paswan, who too is  disabled and unfortunately except one member of the five membered family every member is disabled in some way or the other, tried his best for treatment of his daughter since she was born.

Undeterred with his gloomy financial condition, when Basant cannot even meet the ends of his family, knocked every possible door to provide a dignified life to her daughter and free her from the disability that had turned her life miserable.

Basant met officers, leaders and went to the  hospitals for treatment of his daughter, but his efforts could not bring result. He also pleaded in the Janta darbar but in vain.

All of a sudden Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who came to know about it, emerged as a saver for Chaumukhi.

Sonu Sood, through his people contacted the family of Chaumukhi through video conferencing. Moved with the pathetic condition of the family, he decided to get Chaumukhi treated.

With the help of local Mukhiya, Sonu Sood arranged Chaumukhis visit to Patna where she was medically examined at prominent hospitals including AIIMS and by the leading medical experts who found difficult to treat the girl with available medical infrastructure in Patna.

Sonu Sood arranged the girls visit to Mumbai from where she was taken to Kiran super speciality hospital in Surat of Gujarat for treatment.

Expressing confidence on Chaumukhis treatment, Sonu Sood said Chaumukhi will be fit and go back to her home by the grace of the God and prayed for her well being.