Once elected, wll strive for uniformity in Lawyers Welfare Fund scheme: Dhananjay Kumar

Lawyers Protection Act needs to be more stringent and effective

Patna: A versatile and dedicated contestant, Dhananjay Kumar who is in the fray for the post of member Bihar State Bar Council Elections- 2023 with serial number 148 on the ballot paper, is getting massive support across the state.

Active among the lawyers fraternity, Dhananjay Kumar is the most dependable face who is round the clock ready to dedicate his services specially for the cause of the lawyers.

By the virtue of his long stint as a practicing lawyer in Patna High court and in various courts cross Bihar has a deep understanding of the problems of the lawyers as he himself comes across the issues in his day to day professional life as an advocate.

While talking to a section of media, Dhananjay Kumar highlighted various issues which he would strongly fight for after getting elected as a Member of the Bihar State Bar Council.

Exasperated over the disparities in the Lawyers Welfare Fund scheme, Dhananjay Kumar opines for uniformity during selection of the beneficiaries under the scheme. Ensuring to raise the issue for evolving a uniform policy for selection of the beneficiaries under the scheme, Dhananjay Kumar said that after becoming the member of the Bihar state Council he would strive to execute it as it is on the top of his agenda.

The Lawyers Protection Act is also one of the prominent issues, execution of which should be more effective and stringent, feels Dhananjay Kumar.

Apart from this, there are some more issues the lawyers apprised Dhananjay Kumar while an informal interaction with him during his visit to various associations across the state.

After interacting with the lawyers practicing in various courts of Bihar, Dhananjay Kumar said that the issues and the problems varied from place to place and required separate as well as special attention.

As a member of Bihar Red Cross Society Dhananjay Kumar is a prominent social activist who is always extending his helping hands to everyone in the hour of their needs.

Dhananjay Kumar as a professional lawyer has successfully contested several cases in different courts of Bihar and is a known face among the lawyers fraternity and is getting immense support in the election.

As the campaign is getting momentum, Dhananjay Kumar is maintaining an edge over other contenders. Enthused with immense support, he is confident of his victory.

Meanwhile Nisar Akhtar Ansari, an advocate in Arwal Civil Court said that careful analysis and perusal of the support of the lawyers indicate that Dhananjay Kumar would register his victory by getting more then ten thousand votes in the first preference. He said that the young lawyer, Dhananjay Kumar was getting massive support in his home turf.