New Delhi: Enthused with the victory of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in Arunachal Pradesh, MP Prafull Patel said that the "success marks a significant step on our journey to regain national party status" .

Mr Patel shared his feelings on the social media X, soon after the announcement of the results of assembly elections of Arunachal Pradesh.

Mr Patel said that by winning 3 Vidhan Sabha seats, NCP secured more than 10% of the vote share in Arunachal Pradesh.

He congratulated to all dedicated winners of the party especially the State President of Arunachal Pradesh, Likha Saaya whose unmatchable leadership acumen fetched the victory. Patel exhorted the party leaders to maintain the spirit for achieving greater heights.

Meanwhile NCP National media coordinator and special invitee member of the party national working committee, Prof. Navin Kumar greeted the party rank and file in Arunachal Pradesh. The success is a significant step towards NCPs journey to regaining National Party status, he said and asserted that with its earlier victories in Nagaland and Maharashtra and now in Arunachal Pradesh, the party is merely a step away from attaining the national status goal.

As it is the Ajit Pawar-led NCP has won three seats in the Arunachal Pradesh Assembly elections. The newly elected MLAs are Nikil Kamin, Likha Soni, and Toku Tatum.